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EMSB Teachers To Be Recognized For Excellence


EMSB to offer online instruction only for students Wednesday in response to teacher strike

The Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers has filed an official strike action to express their dissatisfaction in their collective bargaining negotiations with the Government of Qu├ębec. This right to strike is scheduled to begin at 12:01 am and end at 9:30 am on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The teacher’s union has declared that teachers will then begin their regular duties. The strike action will affect the educational services offered to students. Several options were considered to mitigate the effects of the strike action, which included the closing of schools, modifying the instructional day or a migration to online learning. The strike will have major repercussions on bus schedules, daycare services, and logistics that could compromise the health and safety of our students.  Therefore, on Wednesday, April 14, the English Montreal School Board schools will offer virtual online instruction education to all our students. As students will be learning remotely from home, daycare and

EMSB pleased with decision to return to high school hybrid model

Montreal, April 6,  2021 -  The English Montreal School Board will have no difficulty in adjusting to the latest directives from the Quebec government to return to a hybrid model for  students in Secondary III, IV and V as of Monday, April 12. “We have implemented this very model for most of this year,” said EMSB Chair Joe Ortona. “Last week our system was placed under tremendous duress when we were told that we had to send all high school students back on a daily basis.” Mr. Ortona noted that last week the EMSB  agreed to send Secondary III students back.  As of Tuesday, April 6, this was expanded to 16 other high schools in the system. However, plans called for  six  other schools, which were programmed with a hybrid model for Secondary IV and V students, to continue to follow that path through the end of the academic year   “We respectfully ask the Quebec government to please retain this hybrid model for the rest of the school year,” said Mr. Ortona. “Our staff, students and parents