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End of year celebrations return to EMSB schools

Montreal, June 1, 2022 – After two years of hybrid end of year celebrations, EMSB schools are thrilled to once again celebrate with families and friends in June.   EMSB elementary and high schools will be having their respective celebrations on the following dates: June 17: Dunrae Gardens Elementary School: Event: Grade 6 Graduation Time: 5 PM Location: 235 Dunrae, TMR   June 21: Coronation Elementary School: Event: Kindergarten Graduation Time:12 PM to 2 PM Location: 4810 Van Horne Merton School: Event: Grade 6 Graduation Time: 6 PM Location: 5785 Parkhaven Leonardo Da Vinci Academy: Event: Pre-K Celebration of Learning Time: 10:00 a.m. Location: 12025 Andr√© Dumas June 22: Coronation Elementary School: Event: Grade 6 Graduation Time: 4 PM to 6 PM, Followed by party at the school Location: 4880 Van Horne Sinclair Laird Elementary School : Event: Grade 6 Graduation Time: 10 AM to 1 PM Location: 8380 Wiseman Gardenview School: Ev

EMSB 2022 Earth Day Roundup

EMSB students and staff were active on Earth Day  in  April. Bancroft students  clean their bricks. At Bancroft Elementary School in the Plateau, led by SCA Elizabeth Pellicone, students made moss graffiti at during their lunch hour and wrote earth friendly messages. It will continue to grow in the weeks ahead!   Cycle 1 students at Elizabeth Ballantyne in Montreal West, Carlyle in TMR and Roslyn in Westmount, discussed how we can be kind to the planet and commitments that we can make to better the environment.  They also read The Curious Garden by Peter Brown and worked on an activity sheet that accompanied the book.     Karahkwinetha Sage Goodleaf-Labelle Karahkwinetha Sage Goodleaf-Labelle visited her alma mater Westmount High School (Class of 2016) on  April 27 to discuss climate change through the perspective of an indigenous person having attended the global climate negotiations in Scotland and her work with /.  Karahkwinetha Sage Goodleaf-Labell