EMSB announces Public Speaking Competition winners

Montreal, June 14, 2022- The annual EMSB Public Speaking competition was held in late April for high school students.  . Students were invited  to prepare and deliver a speech that just might change a little part of their world. This year, they had a quotation to inspire and guide them in selecting their topics. Cycle I students delivered narrative speeches and Cycle II students presented persuasive speeches.


Secondary I

  1. Stefano Vendittolli  “I Miss You Dad” (Vincent Massey Collegiate)  
  2. Lorena Giannini  “The Heroes Who Don’t Wear Capes” (Lester B. Pearson High School)
  3. Jane Raimbert “My Golder Shoes” (Royal West Academy)

Secondary II

  1. Eliane Goldstein “How I Started my Holocaust Podcast” (Westmount High School)
  2. Jihyo Lee “The Start of Something New” (Marymount Academy)
  3. Matthew Luong “My Art Journey” (Laurier Macdonald High School)

Secondary III

  1. Alexander Luis-Kaminer “Quebec’s Outrageous Bill 21” (Royal West Academy)
  2. Alicia Jazmin Ferrera Zanabria “We Should Respect Autism” (Laurier Macdonald High School)
  3. Callie Espstein “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” (Westmount High School)

Secondary IV

  1. Raphaëlla Etienne-Krief “Voicing my Colours” (Royal West Academy)
  2. Kenya Yeboah-Whyne “There is a Lack of Attention to Black Students in Quebec Curriculum” (Westmount High School)
  3. Alexander Lesiuk “The New Form of Advertisement” (Marymount Academy)

Secondary V

  1. Doha Yousaf “What is Humanity’s Driving Force?” (Westmount High School)
  2. Hala Taher “Mental Health Awareness” (Laurenhill Academy)
  3. Marcello Sgro “Why Are We Here” (Lester B. Pearson High School)

Secondary V winner, Doha Yousaf, was given the honour of presenting her speech to the EMSB Council of Commissioners on May 24.

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