Chairman Joe Ortona continues meetings with candidates

Montreal, March 12, 2022
– With the byelection in Saint Henri-Sainte-Anne set for tomorrow, in advance of the election, Chairman Joe Ortona had the opportunity to meet with Guillaume Cliche-Rivard (Québec solidaire) to discuss issues of importance to the EMSB and the Anglophone community. 

Much like the meetings held by Chairman Ortona in advance of the general election this fall, topics included Bills 21, 40 and 96 and the ramifications that these bills will have on the EMSB, our students and the community.

Furthermore, Chairman Ortona emphasized how critical it is that Anglophone school boards remain independent due to the important role they play in the lives of our community and children. 

Mr. Cliche-Rivard emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with his potential Anglophone constituents and vowed that if elected, that his door remains open to both the EMSB and Anglophone community as a whole. 

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