EMSB recognizes employees for 25 years of service

For the first time in four years, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the  English Montreal School Board resumed its traditional Long Service reception to honour  employees with 25 years of service at Le Crystal in St. Laurent.  

A total of 136 employees, ranging from teachers, administrators and support staff, were recognized for a quarter century of service. 

This year EMSB Director General Nicholas Katalifos, honored those employees with a letter of congratulations and Monarch watches.  “For the past 25 years, your dedication to education, your diligence and your contributions to the English Montreal School Board has benefited many students and staff, " he said.

You can see our photo album here.

This year's  honourees were:

Angela Spagnolo (fourth from the right) with commissioners and EMSB officials.

From the central head office: Angela Spagnolo and Rick David from AEVS; Markela Zyglakis from the Office of the Director General; Annik Malenfant from Educational Services; Candace Laflamme from Financial Services; Linda Tavolaro currently on Syndical leave; Heather Starnes from the Secretariat General; Gail Callender from Student Services; Stacey Ann Philip from Technology Services; and Angèle Mclean on a leave.

John Pevec (fourth from the right).

From Adult Education & Vocational Centres: Daniele Melilo, Martina Schiavone, and Monica Shirley Villalobos from Galileo Adult Education Centre; Janice Clapson, Anna Maria Panunto, Franco Romanelli and Maribel Urnos from HSM Adult Education Centre; Holly Commeford and Luke Hong from James Lyng Adult Education Centre; Silvia Bilotto and Silvana De Pretis from John F. Kennedy Adult Education Centre; Concettina Casale and Felice-Rosario Triolo from Laurier Macdonald Career Centre; Bernard Grow from Rosemount Technology Centre; Linda Pauline Kurylo and John Pevec from Rosemount Technology Centre; Melandros Dikeakos, Assunta Ianniciello, Vincenzo Marino and Rosanne Rinaldi from St. Pius X Career Centre; Hessa Becker and Anastasios Tomazos from Wagar Adult Education Centre.

John Wright (fourth from the right).

From the East Sector: Anna Maria Di Maulo, Pasqualino Vespa and John Wright from Dalkeith School; Sylvain Bonin, Angela D'Aiuto and Sandra Ferrara from Dante School; Lorraine Bergevin and Daniela Marino from East Hill School; Giovanna Giuliana and Chantal Labranche from Edward Murphy School; Toula Maltezos and Jillian Pomorski from FACE School; Paola Naccarello, Marcello Pirollo and Patricia Tramontin from Gerald McShane School; Marianna Avvampato, Lina Biagi-Nutt and Annie Cadieux from Honore Mercier School, Franca Galle and Sara Rosa from John Caboto Academy; Liboria Amato and Sandra Zagury from John F. Kennedy High School; Andy D'Alessandro, Lori Newton and Serena Pasqualini from Laurier Macdonald High School; Filomena Barbieri, Rosamaria Carlomusto, Rita De Angelis, France Paquin and Karen Polletta from Leonardo da Vinci Academy; Gilda Alfiero, Frank Dimora, Nelly Laricchiuta and Eric Stern from Lester B. Pearson High School; Joanne Vosniades from LINKS School; Glenna Lee McConnell and Natalie Mitchell from Mackay Centre School; Nadia Somigli from Michelangelo International Academy; Pamela Gomez from MIND High School; Antonio Farinaccio, George Kartsonas, Sandra Lanni, Pierina Lo Dico and Costa Platis from Nesbitt School; Elvira Bergantino, Maria D'Amato, Ralia Koutsogiannopoulos, Athanasia Papamichelakis and Cristina Zomparelli from Our Lady of Pompei School; Patrizia Granaudo, Sophia Kalinin and Nathalie Somma from Pierre de Coubertin School; Alexandra Cervone, Daniela Citton, Sara Consalvo, Mara Filippone, Angéla Genovese and Jennifer Lacroix from Pierre E. Trudeau School; Sandra Colantonio and Theoharis Iosifidis from Rosemount High School; Marelina Colacci, Joe Anne Désir and Josée Fleury from St. Raphael/Mtl Children’s School; and Marco Rosa from Vincent Massey Collegiate.

Elena Zervas in green.

From the West Sector: Tatiana Danassis from Carlyle School; Katherine Vathilakis from Cedarcrest School; Sarah Rosenfeld from Dunrae Gardens School; Demetra Angelidis, Doris Knebel, Elisabeth Mikhael, Linda Morelli and Elena Zervas from Gardenview School; Caterina Agnello from Hampstead School; Concetta Nappi and Rhonda Wilson from James Lyng High School; Florbela Maria Almeida, Julie Bourbonnais, Paraskevi Vivia Coconis, Benoit Dufresne, Nicholas Kypriotis , Gregoria Lambropoulos and  Roberte Louisma from Laurenhill Jr. and Sr. campuses; Niki Soulellis and John Stewart from Marymount Academy International; Jessica Hand from Mile End School; Angela Vogas from Parkdale School; Marie Chodat, Alla Olenitch, Vincenza Santalucia and Mauro Zampini from Royal Vale School; Katherine Cukier, Nancy Dupaul, William Lapierre, Tony Pita and Connie Reece from Royal West Academy; Mina Evangelia Garoufalis and Maria Mattiace from St. Gabriel School; Elena Bertoldi, Heidi Tessler and Shawn Tomney from St. Monica School; Lina Delvecchio, Debra French, Robert Lavoie and Lorraine Mountain from Westmount High School; Jewel Alleyne and Christina Truffa from Westmount Park School.

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