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Lifting the Weight of Oppression: High school students to make their point on women’s rights

Montreal, June 7, 2023   -  Students from eight high schools, including host Options Alternative in Ville Emard (1741 de Biencourt), will collaborate on a unique project this Thursday (June 8) at 1 pm called “Lifting the Weight of Oppression.” Inspired by the fight  of women for equal rights in Iran, students wanted to demonstrate their support and honour the strength of the protestors by undertaking an incredible physical challenge.  On Thursday, 40 students will collectively lift 250,000 pounds in 40 minutes. This feat will be accomplished by using 15 balls of various weights that will all be lifted in unison, one lift every 10 seconds. “This will create an incredible wave of energy and the momentum will continue to build as the weights all crash to the ground together over and over again,” said Jason Gannon, the project coordinator. “This will be an incredible physical undertaking motivated by our love for people half a world away.” In planning this event, students also wanted fundr

The Serour Brothers to share their remarkable story at Gardenview

Montreal, June 5,  2023 – On the eve of their appearance at the Ottawa Natural Bodybuilding Championship later this month, the  Serour brothers  will visit their former elementary school, Gardenview (700 Brunet)  in St. Laurent on Tuesday, June 13 (9:10 am)  to talk about the importance of keeping in good physical condition and staying in school. The Serour Brothers. Liam 22, Jordan, 20 and Adam, 18 are excited to be headed to the nation’s capital   and   fulfill a lifelong dream of theirs   to   be stepping on to the bodybuilding stage together. They each had a unique introduction to fitness and bodybuilding,   but have pushed through any and all obstacles as brothers.  Their dad, immigration specialist and politician Richard Serour, is better known to some radio listeners via his alter-ego Ricky Cyr from a number of years ago on CJAD. Mom Gabrielle Azran Serour is an attorney and as her husband notes: “She prepares most of their meals. It’s like feeding three hungry lions; but it