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EMSB marks Black History Month

Montreal, February 27, 2024 – The English Montreal School Board has been marking  Black History Month with programming at many of its schools and centres. On Thursday, February 1,  James Lyng Adult Education Centre in St. Henri   kicked off Black History Month with a steel pan band performance by Salahpan. Students were then surprised with fresh Jamaican patties from Manago Bakeries. Svens Telemaque, a noted speaker on youth empowerment, did class visits at Marymount  Academy International for Secondary  III, IV and V  classes on  Thursday, February 1  and  he did so again on   , February  16 .   Equitas, formerly known as the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, finished up their anti-racism workshops at the school for Secondary II, III, IV and V  during the month.  Educator and community worker Simeon Pompey will be doing class visits  in  late March  at Marymount to Secondary I and II classes. Overture with Arts was at Marymount.  Willingdon Junior  and Senior Campuses  and Merton Ele

Rosemount High School to launch much-anticipated Arts-études program on Thursday/ Lancement du programme Arts-études tant attendu à l'école secondaire Rosemont

Montreal, February 14, 2024 - Rosemount High School (3737 Beaubien) will  inaugurate  its new Arts-études program, the first-of-its-kind amongst English high schools in Quebec on Thursday, February 15 (10:30 am) as part of Hooked on School Week. A total of 165 students across all grade levels (Secondary I to V) are taking part in the five-year program this academic year, with music now playing an integral part of the students’ daily class schedules.   “It is about giving a holistic study in music, theory and practice,” said Anthony Cooperwood, Director of Bands at Rosemount High School, who is in his seventh year at the school. “We start from the very beginning. You will learn what a scale or a whole note is, and what the different keys are. From there, we will teach you how to read those elements and how to perform them on the instrument that you have selected. Students sometimes come here with no musical experience. We teach you everything.” While music instruction has long been a