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EMSB students to take part in multi-level educational and artistic initiative

April 11, 2024- Embark upon an itchy, stinky, sticky journey with "The Adventures of Eva the Louse," a musical project that weaves together the talents of 175 students from 13 EMSB schools and the EMSB Chorale. This ambitious, multi-level educational and artistic initiative is led by opera singers and choir conductors Dimitris Ilias and Maria Diamantis founders of Chroma Musika (Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Eurokids Festival). Dimitris Ilias and Maria Diamantis  Eva, a plucky louse with a zest for adventure! Living the dream in the wild jungle of Paul's hair, a nine-year-old with a serious case of anti-comb syndrome, Eva and her lousy friends enjoy a blissful, carefree life. That is, until the Great Delousing turns their world into a topsy-turvy, shampoo-splattered nightmare! As Paul's head becomes a no-lice land, Eva and her gang must make a daring leap of faith... onto Grandpa's head. But, plot twist – Grandpa's as bald as a bill