Special Olympics Olympiad held at McGill

Photos and Video by EMSB Marketing Student Intern Rachel Campbell

Montreal, June 4, 2024- English Montreal School Board Special Education Consultant Sarah Lynch, Coordinator for the Centre of Excellence for the Physically, Intellectually and Multi-Challenged, reports that he Special Olympics’ Olympiad  held at the McGill Fieldhouse on May 31 was a big success.

This collaboration between Educational Services and the Centre of Excellence for the Physically, Intellectually and Multi-Challenged grew from last year’s participation of 80 student athletes to 159 students this year from 12 different schools, under the supervision and support of more than 25 professionals and consultants and over 40 teachers and support staff.  The event was well attended by EMSB management, professionals and consultants from the Lester B, Pearson School Board and the EMSB, student coaches, principals and parents. The  Ministry representative for the anglophone community was in attendance as well as the Directors from Special Olympics Quebec.. In addition, the Lester B. Pearson School Board  joined in and brought  about 40 student athletes.

This opportunity was for students with autism or intellectual disabilities, between the ages of  five to 11 years of age, from both the EMSB and LBPSB. The participating Physical Education teachers received training prior to the event for the “In-School Program” offered by Special Olympics Quebec.

The day began with opening ceremonies which included the introduction of student athletes and ambassadors from the Special Olympics, followed by a parade of athletes. Eight activity rotations   then took place, offering the athletes the chance to explore different sports such as curling, yoga, parachute games, basketball and running. The event concluded with closing ceremonies and the athletes were celebrated for their participation.

The goal is to expand each year, involving additional school boards and increasing the number of athletes.

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