Two new challenges added to EMSB nrichment program

Montreal, May 30, 2024- During the 2023/2024 school year, various schools across the EMSB took part in programming offered by the Gifted and Exceptional Learners team of five facilitators headed by consultant Dr. Camelia Birlean.  

Caribou international online math contest, aimed mostly at Grades 3 to 6.

Battle of the Books reading competition (Grades 4 to 6).

Global Issues Problem Solving (Grades 5 and 6).

Public speaking and debating (Grades 5 and 6).

New this year were:

“SkillFire” creative thinking program from Destination Imagination (Kindergarten to Grade 3).

Let’s Talk Science Competition, a national STEM-based curriculum (Grades 6 to 8).

These programs are traditionally offered to students who require further cognitive stimulation than what is usually offered through regular class instruction. Participants are given the opportunity to improve teamwork, public speaking and math skills, critical and creative thinking, effective researching and broadening literary exposure, among other opportunities for bright learners.

From Royal West Academy, finalists of McGill University’s Let’s Talk Science were Grade 7 students, from left: Seraphina Quash, Bella Flanz, Paige Foy, Zack Crosbie and Omar Aly. Their team was called The Bioluminescent Cells, and they are seen here May 1 at McGill’s Macdonald campus.

Incredible news! 

A team of four Grade 7 students from Royal West Academy won first place in the Let’s Talk Science competition hosted by McGill University on May 1. 

Ten student participants in the Global Issues Problem Solving Competition (seven from Royal West Academy and three from Dunrae Gardens Elementary School) successfully qualified to the international competition, representing Canada at the world finals in Indiana in June. 

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