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EMSB pleased with Minister's decision to mandate masks in classrooms

Montreal, August 24, 2021 - The   English Montreal School Board has greeted with appreciation the news that the wearing of masks for students in Grades 1 and over in the youth and adult sectors will be mandatory. EMSB Chair Joe Ortona emphasized that the Council of Commissioners had intended to consider a resolution at a September 1 meeting to introduce such a measure. 'We are very pleased with this news," said Mr. Ortona. 'With  a week to go before the start of classes we hope our staff and  parents feel more reassured. The Delta variant and the fact that elementary school children cannot get vaccinated yet has everyone worried.” EMSB Director General Nicholas Katalifos added that the administration needs to look at all of the new health measures put in place very carefully over the next few days in order to provide stakeholders with the answers to all of their questions. Up to date information will be provided on the EMSB website at that time. Mr, Ortona will be availabl

Willingdon School to launch unique RESPECT Campaign for the upcoming school year

Montreal, August 23, 2021 – While Aretha Franklin might have said it best, Willingdon Elementary School in N.D.G. is reinventing RESPECT by launching a year-long campaign celebrating diversity.  The campaign will officially launch on August 25 (9 am until Noon) at Willingdon Senior Campus (4850 Coronation), with monthly themes as follows:  September: Truth, Reconciliation and Education (Indigenous culture) October: Self-Love/ Self-Care (Body Image, Self-Respect, Wellness) November: Respect of Others (Bullying, Intimidation, Discrimination, Body Shaming) December: Ableism (Kindness and Compassion towards those with special needs (physical and mental disabilities)) January : LGBTQIA2+ February : Black Lives Matter (Black History Month) March: Women’s Rights (Gender equality, Feminism, Violence against women) April: Respect Earth (Climate Justice, Respecting the Environment, Earth Day) May: Cultural and Religious Diversity (Asian Heritage, Islamophobia, Holocaust Education) June : S

EMSB to consider making masks mandatory in classrooms for all grades

Montreal, August 22, 2021- After consulting with stakeholders, members of the English Montreal School Board Council of Commissioners has announced their intention to consider a resolution at a September 1 meeting to make masks necessary in classrooms for all grades in the youth and adult sectors. The first day of class in the youth sector is on Tuesday, August 31. EMSB Chair Joe Ortona, Vice-Chair Agostino Cannavino and Parent Commissioner Maria Corsi met with leadership from the EMSB Parents Committee last week. There was a clear consensus that the Minister of Education’s announcement that masks would not be required in classrooms has created a tremendous amount of anxiety.  EMSB Director General Nicholas Katalifos added that this is a matter of safety for all staff and students.   “I am confident that the Minister will in fact mandate masks in classrooms before school starts,” said Mr. Ortona. “However, with just a week to go we felt it was necessary to reassure our parents that we

EMSB calls for revisions to Secondary III and IV history course

Montreal, August 18, 2021 – The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) has requested immediate revisions to the Ministry of Education’s Secondary III and IV History of Quebec and Canada Program, most notably to further address the historical contributions to Quebec by non-Francophone cultural groups.   In addition to June’s resolution, six other resolutions were unanimously adopted by the EMSB Council of Commissioners between 2016 and 2019 advocating for improvements to the provincial history programs. The resolutions also call for the active promotion of zero tolerance policies towards racism and discrimination. “The present content of the curriculum falls woefully short of a fair and balanced presentation of the contributions to the development of Quebec over the centuries by the minority communities, including those of the Anglophones, Allophones, Indigenous, Blacks, Jewish, Italians, Muslim, and other minority groups,” said EMSB Chair Joe Ortona.   To begin to address the defi

EMSB to honour Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action

Montreal, August 18, 2021 – In order to honour the indigenous history of Quebec and Canada, in June, the English Montreal School Board's Council of Commissioners recently  adopted multiple resolutions aimed at further increasing awareness and understanding of the history, realities, and perspectives of Indigenous people in the classroom. “It is an important step, one which has been long overdue,” said EMSB Chair Joe Ortona. “This moment of reflection serves as a reminder that there were Indigenous people on our territory before the European settlers arrived. This land was never ceded away.” The Council of Commissioners vowed to provide age-appropriate resources for students,  as well as professional development opportunities for staff. Currently, the EMSB is working to bring together stakeholders, university faculty, as well as members and leaders of local Indigenous communities as a means of achieving deeper learning. Furthermore, the EMSB has committed to create and adopt

Royal Vale PELO Hebrew Studies Program Seeks Teachers

Teacher positions are available for the  PELO Hebrew Studies program, which will resume at Royal Vale School in NDG this year Monday through Thursdays from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm. A Valid Teaching License for Quebec is required . The Hebrew Studies PELO Program is geared to teaching students basic and fundamental Hebrew language skills. Throughout the year, students will hear speakers, attend plays, as well as participate in field trips and/or in-school workshops in order to meet the objectives of the program.  From Grades 1 to 3 teachers will work with the Tal AM program, an enriching and innovative language and heritage program.  Students will learn the Hebrew letters, how to read words, and then short sentences. From Grades 4 to 6, they will use the Shalom Ivrit, Welcome to Modern Hebrew series and further their study of Hebrew by reading short stories and expanding their vocabulary.  They will also work on short projects, including, the Holocaust, famous people (past and present), the

EMSB Chair expresses concern over back to school plan

Montréal, August 12, 2021 – English Montreal School Board Chair Joe Ortona has expressed concern over the Quebec government’s return to school plan. Education Minister Jean-François Roberge announced that the province won't require students in primary and secondary schools to wear masks when they are sitting at their desks. Teachers will also not have to wear masks if they can maintain the two-metre distance, and students will no longer need to stay in their classroom bubbles throughout the day. Isabelle Charest, the province's junior education minister, said sports and other activities would also be permitted, though a vaccination passport could be required in some cases. “We have always done everything we can to ensure the safety of our students and staff and that is what we will continue to do,” said Mr. Ortona. “The decision not to require masks in classes, the removal of class bubbles, no more hybrid learning for high schools and the discontinuation of our Virtual School